This Video was made possible by generous support from NASA award HST-GO-11698.06-A

When we observe a galaxy cluster in visible light we are only seeing the tip of an iceberg. In this tour we explore how astronomers are learning about the gas in the cluster. Hot gas is observed through orbiting XRay telescopes while cold gas is discovered using the world's largest radio telescope in Puerto Rico. Professor Hsiao-Wen Chen is using an innovative technique to discover the warm gas using the Hubble Space Telescope. By examining the light from distant quasars she is able to discover warm gas inside the Virgo Cluster. Combing observations of the gas along those of the galaxies allows us to piece together the dynamics and evolution of the galaxy cluster.

Worldwide Telescope

This 10 minute long fulldome presentation is presented as a Worldwide Telescope based tour. To learn more about Worldwide Telescope and about how you can run it in your planetarium go here:

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1K fisheye render for small planetaria can be downloaded HERE